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A history of the use Cheltenham Park for military training

Three Officers of the 32nd Battalion

The Association proposes to fund a professional historian to research and write a history of the use of Cheltenham Park as a training establishment for troops proceeding overseas during World War I and II. The history would document the main units and personnel who trained here and highlight their wartime experience. The redevelopment of the land and the change of use have meant that the onetime open space can no longer be used to evoke this history. Publication of this history is particularly appropriate as we commemorate the centenary of World War I and the 75th anniversary of World War II. Such a publication provides an ideal means of highlighting the impact of the wars on local people at that time and a means whereby their descendants and new people to the area can relate to this important history.

Background of project

Dear Premier

Re: Establishing a Memorial for the Historic War Service associated with the former Cheltenham Park Racecourse.

On behalf of the Association I thank you for your supporting letter dated 6 September 2017 and the resulting timely assistance provided by Ms Emily Bourke, Director of Strategy that enabled CPRA to successfully submit an application to the Fund My Neighbourhood community based program.

The Association has presented the “Idea” that a history of the use of Cheltenham Park as a military training establishment during World Wars I and II is an appropriate commemoration to improve and benefit the knowledge of the wider community.

We acknowledge that such a history requires the commission of a professional historian and have contacted Mr Peter Donovan who has had a long association with Woodville and the surrounding suburbs including Heritage Surveys and as co-author of the “From Park lands to Sea Coast “ (1996) for the Council.

Mr Donovan has provided the following above synopsis for the “Idea”.

We now await the review to ensure that our submission meets the eligibility criteria.

CLICK HERE to read a PDF with information regarding the officers appearing in the picture above.

CLICK HERE for the State Library image